Four Areas To Fix Your Business In Administration

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1. Marketing and Advertising External For here begins the business and customer relationship. Is advertised to draw you and through it creates an impression of that experience. An example is the printing of an advertisement for BMW or a company that stands out is the best in customer service. In your business, what you want to print through advertising? 2. The Internal Marketing Internal marketing is the experience that your customer will take action after advertising for your business.

But here many entrepreneurs fail. For example, ads are the best in customer service. The customer calls and is treated coolly by a representative untrained. What is the image you’ll give? Another example: The customer visits the establishment and is a disorganized business. What impression do you give? Everything your customer sees and experiences is Internal Marketing. The experience that once your client has to take action on your advertising. 3. Products Another area of great interest.

You do a great advertising and excellent Work with internal marketing. The customer buys, but the products or services purchased are not in agreement with the image created with the External and Internal Marketing. What impression you will give if the customer feels that’s not what you expected? 4. Image, Experience and Results Another area that must be well aware of is the last part of the circle, because the sale does not end in the third step. An example is when all the above steps do their job brilliantly, but once the customer leaves the business, do not give up. What will happen? What do your customers tell other people? Some suggestions: Thank them when they leave. Send them a postcard of thanks. Send them an email. Send them a printed or electronic newsletters. Give up through mail, phone or email. In short … Your business is like a circle and the customer has to go through four stages. Marketing and advertising (image, perception). Internal Marketing (experience). Products (perception, satisfaction). Image, experience and results. If you fail in one, failure in all. It’s that simple!


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