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Knowledge of the aspects mentioned above will serve as a starting point to increase your commissions and improve your profits as well. As regards the conversion rate and the value of each of your sales, mentioned above, are aspects that should be considered from the beginning of the research of the product that will be to promote. Many times when working with affiliate products, focuses attention on directing traffic to the affiliate offers and neglected related to conversion rate and the price of the product or sale, which are two very important factors when it comes to generating profits. I will give an example. Suppose that you have a physical business selling typical foods.

You want many people to visit your business, or take traffic to your business and then contracts to an expert in traffic generation who promise to pay a Commission equivalent to a certain percentage of the sales you make. The expert, using some techniques achieved many people to visit your business. For example, implemented a corner for children’s games, an exhibition of paintings, etc. Within a few days, the business is full of people, attracted by the innovations. But the expert did not receive commissions on your part.

Before your claim not to receive commissions, you must inform him that is not having conversion. People who visit the business do not buy. This means that it has worked in traffic generation, but not in the aspect of conversion. The traffic without conversion does not generate commissions. When related to the sales price, could well be that the expert has succeeded in generating traffic and promote sales, but note that your commissions are low and do not meet their expectations of income. In this case, it may be that you are promoting a product of very low-priced, that does not generate high percentages of commissions. Therefore this aspect must be considered also when doing research the products you are going to promote. The use of free tools that exist to find products in great demand and reasonable prices is necessary to do so. Then, if you’re working with affiliate programs or are planning to enter this market, worry about these three aspects: send enough traffic to the product that is promoted, work on techniques that increase conversion rates and search for programs that pay good commissions. ** For limited time I willing to give you the wonderful world of Blogging eBook, download it now. It will only be on the network for a limited time, for my readers and subscribers.


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