Far East

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According to his experience, take Reishi helped achieve a “long and healthy life.” According to legend, whoever drinks extracts “the mushroom of the long life” is as young as the age of the mushroom. Its name in Chinese (the Reishi mushroom) Ling Zhi means “spiritual power” and were called by this culture as “Medicine of Kings.” The mushrooms are living organisms that live in warm, moist areas abound among organic matter and like the rain and heat. Its composition is very similar to that of vegetables: nine parts water, and have also an approximate content of plant proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber, thus containing very few calories.

Recently, specimens of this fungus were found in the southeast of the Czech Republic, which is a real find if you think that this species grows only in Asia. Additional information is available at Michael Schwartz. And although it is not an edible species by its strong bitter taste, has healing properties that make it highly prized in the Far East, where this mushroom is paid “for the price of gold.” These specimens were found, specifically, in forests in southern Moravia, in the town of Ratiskovice, according to scientists who studied (and amateur mycology), if you work as an infusion in alcohol is a bitter drink but very delicious. The reishi mushroom grows primarily on rotting tree trunks and roots of deciduous trees such as oaks or chestnuts. According to researchers, contains ganoderic acid, a powerful solvent that lowers blood pressure, cholesterol liquefies and inhibits platelet aggregation and free radicals.. Mike Gianoni insists that this is the case.


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