EPN Neiva

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Thanks to the agreement established between the public companies of Neiva (EPN) and CENPAPEL, and the co-financing obtained from part of COLCIENCIAS, CENPAPEL will be conducting the pilot study of treatment of residual waters and a diploma on wastewater treatment in the city of Neiva. During this period the CENPAPEL will install its pilot plant of treatment of residual waters (PTAR) very near the point where currently discharged approximately 90% of the water generated by the 380,000 inhabitants of city of Neiva and submit a sample of the effluent to a series of treatments primary and secondary to determine conditions through the full characterization of the operations optimal and precise design parameters for the scaling of the water treatment plant Waste from the municipality. Will be simultaneously offered a diploma in wastewater treatment which includes theoretical workshops which will address general topics on sensitization to the environmental problems and engineering design and selection processes of wastewater treatment with an intensity of 40 hours and practical seminars where matters relating to the importance of the reliable characterization of wastewater for the control of the operation of wastewater treatment systems will be addressed. The development of these activities Cenpapel will count with the participation of the Universidad Surcolombiana in Neiva, Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira and will make available its technical personnel, the guarantee of accreditation of its laboratory of environmental management and advice from national experts such as Mr. Alvaro Orozco, who has designed several sewage treatment plants in other capital cities of our country and Latin America. This study will allow EPN have technical criteria to select the best relation cost benefit option, and to ensure compliance with the parameters required by current environmental legislation and thus be able to initiate the development of the activities required for the construction of the WWTP in Neiva.


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