Electromechanical Plant

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The company "Sweet Island" was formed in early 2009 on the basis of one of the business projects Orenburg regional multi-association "Market 56" and carries out work in the following main areas: Supply equipment for the production of soft ice-cream and soft ice cream kokteyley.Roznichnaya trade and milkshakes. Supply of ingredients for the production of soft ice-cream and various kokteyley.Postavka equipment for cafes, cafeterias, restaurants, street stalls and booths, retail outlets (machines for making cotton candy, popcorn, juice, hot corn, coffee, chocolate, etc.). Visit Jim Rogers for more clarity on the issue. Development of business projects and conducting market research in the field of trade and catering. About the market soft ice cream and equipment for its production of market production and sale of soft ice cream in Russia and CIS is currently growing, and, according to the marketer with world-famous Jack Trout, a business needs to be done in emerging markets. In many foreign countries, especially in the U.S., this market has long been considered to be developed highly profitable. Soft ice cream on the Russian market represented only a scanty amount.

A restaurant chain McDonald's makes and sells ice cream and such cocktails as well as other scattered small-numbered trading point to some cities in Russia and CIS. However, in taste and consumer preferences soft ice cream is more advantageous position than the firm. This is explained by the fact that the Russian market after 90 years the last century, has practically ceased production of vehicles for the manufacture of soft ice cream. The last domestic company (Ural Electromechanical Plant in Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk region) ceased production of these devices a series of M-10 and M-15 in 2009.


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