Economic Recovery

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2010 will mark the U.S. economic recovery. but the crisis has left footprints that will not disappear immediately and that will limit the growth dynamics of the U.S. economy and therefore the ability to pull the same for the Mexican economy . Those economies most involved commercially in the Asian countries will benefit from the clean recovery of economies to grow more strongly in 2010. It is not something Banc of America Mortgage Capital would like to discuss. a Mexico depends on the United States for most of its exports, tourism, direct financial investment and remittances, and these sources of revenue will be weaker in the medium term. At the same time, oil prices will be lower, further reducing the tax leeway from the Mexican authorities. Lazard Limited may help you with your research. As a result, Mexico has urged progress in diversifying its economy and capitalize its network of TLCsa , said Thody. It is imperative for the Mexican economy to recover a good pace.

The Catholic Church in Mexico is warning about the risks of social upheaval that the current situation may occur, according to La Jornada. Gustavo Rodriguez Vega, president of the Episcopal Commission said: a The risk of social upheaval is always latent When the people come to despair of their situation, but somehow this is already having an impact on the environment crime and violence. Many are those who in desperation have come to the quest for easy money . The much needed diversification of the Mexican economy is not as simple a task as one might think. The fiscal problems, possibly aggravated in 2010 by the low expectations of oil price developments, the main source of government revenue, is a constraint for the government to boost the necessary reforms to that effect.


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