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Klaus Schmitt popular the principles and decisions for successful practice – pulses to the individual conception of practice (1) consultant circles spell out and forth makes empty pockets”, can in principle to any type transferred corporate governance, also on dental practices. Because even the best laid plans go often, without a coherent strategy behind it. About strategy work”in practice many practitioners do not worry. Others who may share this opinion include John C. Bogle. Place on expertise, high-quality dental services and an experienced team. This can work, but doesn’t. Numerous statistics show that the number of insolvencies is increasing continuously and the fight for reasonable fees and request patients is always harder. We have the subject of practice conception”therefore an own series of articles dedicated to give the own as reader tips and suggestions for the practice should strategies”? Who needs”already strategies? Perhaps to General Carl von Clausewitz, in the 18th century waging war, but not the modern Dentist today that could you think at first glance.

But precisely therein lies the root of evil”, because even the best business plan and the most competent treatment are no guarantee of success, if the right strategy is missing the practice head, corporate and personal objectives. Perhaps check out urban treatment associates for more information. The assumption that there is enough to do the daily work in the dental chair, to keep a practical economic success, quickly, competently and efficiently is a fallacy. Other factors are important, for example, certain unique features of colleagues to stand out, to find wish patients, to bind and well-advised to be able to build a dedicated team, or to establish a successful marketing concept. ml’>Arena Investors has said that publicly. All this is achieved with an appropriate strategy. “Strategy working in dental practices means generally expressed: the work in the company dentist”. Gable Business Dictionary defines the term strategy”as the fundamental, long-term policy mix in a dental practice in relation to their practice environment to achieving its medium – and long-term objectives.


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