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The traditional approach tells us that each time that we are going to initiate a productive or services project always it is necessary to do a market study to know: what is the current demand of that product?, what offer?, who are the competitors?, where are competitors and characteristics?, how supply chains?, what prices are handled?who are the suppliers? Etc. all this information is really important because from a logical and rational point of view gives us guidelines to make a suitable investment plan, no doubt that having a plan is important to make the right decisions, but in reality what is the determining factor to make an investment plan really work? The answer to the previous question is the vision and the commitment of the person in charge of the project, initially not is very clear this idea, but from experience over the years have been observed that certain ideas do not work even with the very favourable conditions, have been good that disappear from the market, business only in good areas and products that finally failing what happens exactly? To understand with absolute precision the success first we must understand how the process of creation of reality, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt shows us that the creation of every circumstance is an internal process of individuals, then people who have achieved great triumphs is because at the subconscious level they have programmed them. Through reading the book I’m happy, I’m rich you’ll learn to act with real power and mastery of the circumstances, will achieve the most important for the consolidation of any idea and project and this is the internal, through the deep conviction conviction that something is going to work then everything will start to organize themselves outside logic to their excellent positive expectations are met. The internal conviction sends messages to the entire universe to ensure compliance with conditions extraordinary such as: unexpected financing, increase of customers in an area that seems unfavorable, potential for expansion to other markets, satisfaction of clients, legal benefits, etc. Undoubtedly that technical knowledge is extremely important because it is not putting an airline with regular paper airplanes, or sell your product on a mountain where it does not circulate any person in weeks, this information is very useful, but the first step is the true desire of self-improvement and vision of the leaders responsible for the projectthat belief causes that all other conditions are wonderfully favorable.


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