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Taking conscience of itself and desua performance form, had been able to transform its histories of life. re. Estatransformao if initiated before the accomplishment of the surgery. Amodificao of the surgical agenda brought many distresses, feelings deimpotncia and anxiety for some patients who had expressed desire to dedesistir. The therapeutical bond appears as fortalecedor here, in superaodas difficulties. Pautados in the reliable relation, the envolvimentoteraputico, in was possible to assure the continuity to them of the process. Ospacientes told feelings of frustration for having invested of vriasformas (they had taken off license of the work, they had established contract with cuidadores, they had searched aid of familiar and third). The loss of weight that haviamforosamente conquered also was shaken. The eager patients for novavida had been obliged to postpone its programming per days or months.

Algunsencararam the fact of amena form, while others were exasperaram, tendorecorrido to the medias to pressure the health institution. Aformao of a group of familiar support, also was of great importance noprocesso. To take care of of the cuidador, to extend the bond for the orientation of the same ones, with respect to the after-surgical cares and the alimentary re-education of seusfamiliares, had collaborated for it stimulate and the motivation of these how much to the loss depeso and conservation of the changes, inherent to the process. This group was umgrande ally in the construction of the therapeutical bond, through which foipossvel to detect rescues of relations, conflict resolution, understanding dasemoes tried for the patients, next to its familiar ones. Know-it dries one of the obstacles to the success of the baritrica surgery, has been the lack decompromisso, of continuity in the treatment after the surgery in diversasreas, mainly in the psychological context. Partindodeste questioning, I was extending the focus. I felt stimulated me to stop horizontal umarelao with my patients, one emptica and warm relation, preserving the ethics, the secrecy and the professional commitment.


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