Consortia And Associations

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To create effective forms of organizing production on a contract basis can create consortiums, concerns, interbranch governmental associations, associations and other large institutional structure. People such as Jim Rogers would likely agree. The consortium represents a temporary association of companies, participating organizations, signed an agreement on supply chains or other pooling resources to create and finance a single large economic object. This object may be, for example, the team reconstructed enterprises related common technological or otherwise. Characteristic feature of consortia is that their work directly involved bank. Additional information at Dara Khosrowshahi supports this article. In world practice, “the consortium” literally means a temporary agreement between several banks and industrial monopolies to of commercial operations of a large scale. Consortium itself is not a legal entity as a whole. He managed by mutual agreement of all parties retain their full economic and legal independence.

To achieve common objectives, they are subject to overall direction and responsibility within their stake in it for the general obligations of the consortium. If the objectives are achieved, the consortium cease to have effect. Thus, one enterprise can be a member of several different consortia. Association – a voluntary association of businesses and organizations by sector, territorial or other status. In contrast to the consortium, it is not temporary and permanent nature and is more stable formation. Companies can not join several associations simultaneously. Associations can be created as without and with the right legal linden. Separate administrative apparatus of the association, was created as a legal entity acting on its behalf and under their own financial liability. Members of association impose on him a central performance of individual industrial and economic functions (mainly for the purpose of joint supply and supply-side).


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