Canary Islands

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The average annual temperature on the coast of 22'S. OhFresh Brands: the source for more info. This is the perfect place to relax and stay. The people of the Canary Islands and hospitable welcome. Canary Islands – the home of kanartsev and the house of people around the world. Tenerife – the largest, most famous and most significant island of the Canary archipelago. This charming island of contrasts.

Tenerife will give you everything you want – whether it is a blissful idleness on the sunny beach, walking in the flowering valleys and romantic village or familiarity with the bizarre world of mountains, and festivals and celebrations are held here all year round and always collect a lot of guests. Warm friendliness and slowness of daily life instantly makes Tenerife favorable for anyone who comes here. All of these advantages and a mild Mediterranean climate Russian buyers are attracted to buy property in Tenerife for the summer holidays of his family or commercial property for doing profitable business. Each year, foreign nationals are buying more number of apartments, villas, houses, townhouses and other real estate. Buying property in Tenerife is a highly liquid investments in Spain, where you yourself will feel more than comfortable. This is sufficient explanation. Investing in Spanish property, you will live on with new standards of quality, which guarantee a favorable political situation of the country, a stable economic system inviolability of private property, a simple procedure for foreigners buying property, stability and a high level of public safety. The legislation allows foreigners to establish and expand business in Spain.

Given that the property in Tenerife are always in demand and therefore house prices in the Canary Islands are growing at 10% -15% annually, you can be sure that if you wish, always sell their property at a profit. Another point that speaks in favor of buying property in Spain – is that you can use a mortgage loan, the more so because interest rates on loans are currently one of the lowest in the history of mortgage lending in Spain. Also acquired in one of the resorts in Spain, real estate can be turned in later in the lease and it will bring good income. Maybe someone will think of Spain as a country where their education to a child, because among the most attractive aspects of education in Spain can be called a low cost of education, years of academic tradition, getting recognized in Europe diploma. If you really want to buy property in the Canary Islands – about. Tenerife and the other, you can count on our professionalism and complete confidentiality. High qualification Our specialists will ensure prompt resolution of issues clients of any complexity. We love our customers and they can guarantee an individual approach, comprehensive care and attention, as well as security held transactions. You do not just buy a house, you will gain an independent lifestyle. Surrounding reality creates your mood and forms relating to the world. You pay for what the world of black and white will be in color. Make your world a brighter place! Prior to this tale – submit your fingertips!


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