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Respiration, that important functionality of our body and which must become more aware. Although respiration is an act that we usually perform of how unconscious, this is done in every moment of our life. We come to life with the first inhalation and we go with the final exhalation, and between this start and end, there is a non-stop inspirations and expirations. The purpose of respiration is fill us oxygen and energy from the air or prana, and thus achieve a correct functioning of our perfect machine, that is, our physical body. We must be aware of our breathing, we should avoid rapid breaths, since one finds bad breath we can generate diseases in our vehicle organic (stress, heart problems,). Also a wrong breathing makes our egos, our internal defects to take more force (increases anger, bad humor, hatred,). A hospital in the United States conducted a survey in which, in a way statistical, they could verify that performing a breathing rate of eight or less breaths per minute, the glandular system stimulates and this has a direct effect on the psychic and nervous state of the person. In other words, to larger breaths per minute, worse for the psychic and nervous state.

We again emphasize the need for breathing conscious, controlled and paused in our daily lives, since as well and gradually go getting used to our body to breathe correctly. To learn more about breathing and techniques to help us improve it, you can click here.


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