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Who is starving, will make possible hardly sustainable weight loss many people are unhappy with their weight. Back to fit into the Bikini or the muscle-shirt from last summer, they are willing to starve for weeks and to be satisfied with meagre meals. The success seems first of all doing great: hardly the diet is started, jumbled the pounds. But after the starvation diet lurking all too often new flab – the yo-yo effect. Healthy lose weight means pay attention to itself and the body and the own nutrition. Because a sustainable weight loss is almost impossible with starvation alone and after a such “reducing diet”, so a diet that should lead to a reduction of in body weight, this can exceed even the weight before the diet. Man begins to torment so again, dispenses with all the goodies back for weeks, again decreasing and the yo-yo effect strikes… For more information see Barrons.

again. The body goes on the back burner”even the yo-yo effect is not unhealthy, it rather indicates that the applied diet was too extreme. After the now slimmer body requires less energy to the diet. In addition, that the body due to the sudden supply with calorie turns during the diet on the “Back burner”, because he believed himself in a situation of hunger. Therefore, the few available calories used particularly effectively by him. This continues even after the end of the diet. The man then falls back into his old habits, the body tries to store the calories for a “rainy day” and it is increasing again. Analyze nutritional habits and healthy slimming avoid is the yo-yo effect only with iron discipline.

It is not just enough to feed some weeks of rice crackers and salad, only to return again to French fries and chocolate. Who want to lose weight really sustainable, must change permanently his diet. This means that everyone must analyze the nutritional behavior, then in the diet to banish the fattening foods, where a piece of chocolate for the moral of course there is. Also everyone should move sufficiently, to reduce fat, stimulate the circulation and muscle tissue to rebuild. This rich moderate efforts such as Nordic walking. Or take the stairs just once, when the others in the elevator rise.


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