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Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter lawyers inform the child adoption is a more desire of many childless couples. Therefore the law firm Danielleeee & judge in Bergen auf Rugen reports on the conditions of adoption of a minor child. The German law of adoption is in the section 1741ff. Regulated BGB and the needs of the child in the foreground. Wishes the adoption agree are subordinate to him. Two factors are relevant based on the adoption of minors (article 1741 ABS. Read more will not settle for partial explanations. 1 BGB): the adoption serves the best interests of the child. It is expected that between the adopting (adopted) and the child a familial parent / child will develop relationship.

The Act distinguishes between the adoption by married couples and unmarried people. Married couples may children only jointly, unmarried persons, however, only alone adopt (article 1741 ABS. 2 BGB). This fact becomes significant practical given the increasing prevalence of eheahnlicher communities Importance. Not every adult must adopt a minor child. The civil code writes the unmarried adopted in 1743 BGB a minimum age of 25 years ago.

In contrast, requires the community adoption by a married couple for a spouse of the age of 25 years, while the age of 21 years is sufficient for the other. The German adoption law aims to bring adopted children in orderly, harmonious family relationships. From this point of view, particularly strict standards are applied to the adoption by unmarried, especially singles. This is to make sure that really served the welfare of children through the adoption and the production of a stable parent-child relationship is likely. Adoptions are allowed only if you expressly agree both parents of the child ( 1747 ABS. 1 BGB). The necessary consent form can be placed until eight weeks after his birth. The two parents are not married, the father of the child may already explain his consent before the birth.


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