Best Beach Spots

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Second, travelers already know all the "beach", mushroom and fishing spots. Third, favorite memories of past margin call days. Sometime around these "wild" places could only be on the train: to rest in Moscow sought to crowds of students with backpacks, guitars and transistors. What are they doing there? Yes, the same thing, and this is in the process young people, getting to rest in Moscow – swimming, sunbathing, singing songs, listening to music, fishing, gathering mushrooms, drank On all this, he thought, approaching the lake to reserved. Little friends was late and therefore, putting the tent and leaving his wife and children unpack for rest, he decided to stroll through a small grove. Anywhere else, no matter how much in my life or ever go on vacation in Moscow, he had not seen such a beautiful pine trees, and the memories came flooding the new wave of noise, which raised the friends arrived, got over it. From the friendly embrace of business almost immediately moved to the table and raced each other toasts to health, a wonderful year weather, beautiful ladies, great vacation in Moscow The time for talk has flown by almost unnoticed.

The family council "figured" the schedule of Sunday activities. In the morning the men were supposed to go fishing (Ah, what fishing in these places!), And women with children – for mushrooms. At lunch all been waiting for the traditional kebabs, and if some people are lucky and some are not too lazy to cook it, delicious ear. Sitting by the fire had almost stopped drizzling rain – it is usually enough just five minutes to priubavit festive mood, but the "season" night stay in Moscow aroma of wild herbs. By the way, the rain came just in time for the place – just after the evening "watering" wait good catch and copious mushroom crop. Falling asleep, he "felt" tomorrow and remembered how several years ago in the same Sunday morning fooling around with friends on the shore of the lake is quiet for a long time figuring out who is caught the very first or biggest fish. Surely, he thought, tradition and restored on a family holiday in Moscow will be sent to every summer?


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