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No doubt there will be one for each respuestaa perhaps as many as humans. We have to watch and cover the following issues when implementing health to beauty and achieve this balance. The physical aspect obviously has to be considered unhealthy because we can not enjoy ourselves. So when assessing the care sector must consider the risks, side effects, side effects and counterproductive practice we conducted. From a psychological standpoint, always relegated to the background when the assessments in this case also there will be change depending on treatment to be implemented. This field, the psychological is large in the case. If we examine what are the reasons that lead us to submit to certain beauty treatments, we can ascertain that most of the reasons are social, due to a stereotyped model of a belleza body that is installed as the standard paradigm to follow without providing personal differences. This stereotype has only one purpose object-on women, and somehow put it to perfection and demand.

This game show, beauty pageants and marketing has been sick only a host of wild and beautiful women and to advance toward a race for the coveted a objeto of deseoa which is the body. It has made too many rejection and set yourself are immersed in a state of depression, excessive self-control and pain to get that good of so high and unreasonable value. Rick Gerson Philanthropy follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But it is healthy to play the victim game, as each one chooses to adhere to and decide if he adheres to the canons and social dogmas or simply is itself a single subject and strong. Source: tratamientosbelleza. com. Researcher and blogger ar


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