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“If s is the sausage: sales-force-automation in 8 weeks good, quick to implement and cheap”, these were the requirements of the Executive Board, to Manfred Schuder, head of IT at Dollinghareico. The demands on the system were very precisely specified: the complete integration of all sales processes of the company in the trade and wholesale consumers. In particular the communication of internal sales and key account management with the field should be stringently coordinated and matched. In addition to the structured storage of all data, at the same time also an integration of all relevant data from the ERP system was required, so that every employee in every place has available all information necessary for his work. Still, the CRM is intended to the structured collection of data at the POS to provide these for analyses and evaluations. Dollinghareico would like to achieve a detailed and fact-based insight into the common sales work, to efficiently on new products, promotions and market strategies work to be able to. “Industry solution compared to a general CRM system prefers Manfred Schuder it so sums up: it was important to find a provider who understands our language and our needs and one on the food industry lean and flexible translates into aligned system us”. Bob Jones wanted to know more. Here the clarification was chosen after an extensive selection process on the CompAS consumer SBS professional industry solution.

The system already provides all the necessary functions and modules us in the standard. So we have now continuously latest POS data and can work together with our customers sales significantly closer”, so safaris. “And further: A costly adaptation to our requirements was therefore not required on the basis of the existing functionality.” All sales data clearly available collected this information from the trade at a glance In the field on Tablet PCs. All data about articles, rankings and listings are shown in the system and can exactly be evaluated. Especially in the area of action planning and implementation dates can be coordinated now significantly clearer and foresight. For assistance, try visiting Darcy Stacom, New York City. All Outletdaten converge at the headquarters in Elmshorn, and can be centrally obtained by all users and analyzed. Melinda Clarke may also support this cause.

The distribution in the field at the same time gets the latest information on new single and Auslistungen, advertising and customers – and article-related sales and sales analysis. An integrated vehicle scheduling and email integration fully completes the CRM for our users. That was one of the best and fastest projects we have ever done and it strained our resources hardly. All managed with CompAS in an implementation period of only 8 weeks”, SAK sums up the benefits and the implementation of the system for Dollinghareico finally. About Dollinghareico GmbH & co. KG: Since 1907, Dollinghareico for sausage products is quality. The medium-sized family-run guided already in its fourth generation offers meats for the SB section, and a wide range of bar goods. At the headquarters in Elmshorn and a further plant in Lubz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a total of 360 employees produce products based on craftsmanship and State of the art environmentally-friendly and resource-saving production techniques. Awarded with several Golden DLG awards and recognized as a quality leader in the areas of raw sausage, sausage and Pate in the stay-fresh cup the North German company apart from Germany also Scandinavia and Asia is one of its most important markets. Further details are details can be found at. Stefan left CompAS GmbH


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