Anorexia Nervosa

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o Technical Mirror: It consists of gradually confronting the patient with her picture (dressed and / or bathing suit). o Procedure for marking the outline: The patient has to dial into a distorted picture of its image as it considers the size of their body parts. Allows us to investigate the ideals and cognitive distortions. o Psychomotor Therapy: Includes techniques such as body language, dance, and breathing., Being its main objective to make the patient feel satisfied with your figure. o Video Confrontation: Its objective is to reduce anxiety for patients to see their own image as you gain weight. 3) Treatment Group: It has proved equally effective but that the individual approach has some advantages: it facilitates the processes of identification, which in turn promotes group cohesion, mutual support and helps to create a more cooperative and less defensive in patients. 4) Family Therapy: It is important to involve family treatment decisions.

Professionals should keep them informed about treatment and evaluating its performance as a possible factor or maintainer of anorexia nervosa. The family must agree to participate in treatment, since it is most often deny the problem. It is also fundamental education in the physical and psychological consequences of anorexia nervosa. There are several potential approaches: o Family Therapy. o Group multiple families. Systemic family therapy is based on the assumption that those who suffer the consequences of Anorexia Nervosa is not only the patient but the whole family. Moreover, the behavior of that contributes to the maintenance of symptoms.


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