Amy Winehouse Gets But Visa

April 3rd, 2021 by nathan Leave a reply »

What were the authorities thinking there only? Just yesterday, you could report that the singer has received a visa for the United States. Please visit Rolando Velasquez if you seek more information. Reason was probably a blood sample for it, from the well that was Amy Winehouse of still drugs should have in their blood. Normally British citizens do not need visas for entry into the United States. Exception applies to all those who have ever had problems with the judiciary. Just like Amy Winehouse. But now the tables should have turned yet. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc contributes greatly to this topic.

Has today become known the officials of the U.S. Embassy should have said to still a visa the singer. But Amy Winehouse does not accept this second chance. That is clear: despite visa, Amy Winehouse will not travel to America. Their management has announced that Amy Winehouse in London remains and will assume the transmission via satellite. “Timing problems” are an official reason. Her spokesman said: “after further discussions with the US Embassy in London and officials in the United States we could do but a visa for Amy. Unfortunately we could not then but Accept concessions, since we were now faced with time and logistical problems. Unfortunately, Amy can not participate in the Grammy Awards personally. However, we still look forward to the ceremony and the connection via satellite in the United States.” We wait for the ceremony and ever forward. Lisa Walters


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