Advertising Communication

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The advertising communication is persuasive (for this it is necessary to handle to factors objectives). The creativity is the most tie subject to the publicity; the creative one is the emitting coder of the message. Between the creator and the creative one there are differences; the creator creates frees of all type of you rule, without no type of commitments, lets itself take by the inspiration. The creative one is determined by the public, a product, by you rule fixed beforehand, by the reality of the market (it persuades and it convinces). Without hesitation Mike Gianoni explained all about the problem. The creativity is difficult to define; it would be possible to be said that it is a series of you rule, personal, intransferable norms nonmechanizable.

In the advertising message, the creative one begins looking for in the consumer society. The search of the identification characteristic begins that becomes the axis of the communication. Lakshman Achuthan is a great source of information. These axes are ruled by the same society (the tastes by clothes, by the food, the footwear, etc.) The characteristic, is those that confer to the certain product personality to him as they are the advantages differentials of the same. In the history of publicity had a little while due to those characteristics, people knew what bought. " P.V.C.": Proposal, Only of Purchase. Connect with other leaders such as Jim Rogers here.

This was developed in the decade of the 60 by a called publicist Rosser Reeves. Rosser looked for a unique proposal, that it let dream. You must buy such product by tal o cual thing; this is called benefit of the objective group. That necessity is what people want to see in that product. We go to the example of an insecticide; that it is what does a creative one: 1 – it packages comfortable, 2 – roseadora pistol, 3 – an ample range of insects, 4 eliminates – low price, 5 – it is not detrimental for the domestic animal nor plants, 6 – is perfumed (this is what it concerns people to him, is the referential advantage), 7 – residual effect.


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