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Noting the recent global events, such as: financial crisis, economic recession, rising unemployment, deflation and fall in GDP, I have no doubt that we are witnessing a new. All of this is giving way to a new economic world order: an economy of masses to one of niches. A niche market is a group of people who have desires and related unmet needs, with ability to purchase and access to the internet. It is to say somehow, the fragmentation of the market, taking into account the exploitation of those products with little chance of being successfully sold at mass market level. The democratization of the global economy allows an individual entrepreneur make huge profits if it suits your business into the digital age, because already does not take into account their natural environment, but goes far beyond, has no geographical barriers that limit its market. It is the case of a person who wants to operate a business in the traditional way. Take, for example, mount a store to publicize the art of the growing bonsai and the products necessary for their care.

To do so will have to take into account the costs of rental of premises, packaging, inventory purchase, advertising, investing much time in business or hiring an employee, spending 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Its natural audience would be formed by the local residents and passers-by in the area. Now, if this business is exploited under the new economic paradigm, which takes into account the following elements: low production costs low costs of distribution intensive technological application automation system of business potential customers outside our borders would have a business leveraged financial and technologically, with a minimum initial investment. In our case, not we would need a store, in a small space of our House we could have the store consisting of a computer and Internet connection, with a website selling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, saving expenses of rent, salary, and time. We do this under the new paradigm of the digital age. Information is what characterizes the new world order. In the short term we will see as many workers will be separating, either because there is not enough work, or because they seek to improve their quality of life by exploiting a niche market that suits your particular interests, specializing in a topic and working from home in flexible hours, without heads, managing business automatically.

This new perspective will achieve financial freedom adapting to the new economic system: 1. creating businesses on the Internet. 2 Exploiting several sub-nichos market. 3 Applying tools of guerrilla marketing using the Internet. 4 Selling infoproduct. 5 Marketing physical under the system of affiliate products. We have before us a great challenge of adaptation but also a great opportunity. We live in an era of abundance, without geographical barriers and with very low distribution costs and high profits. It is time that we begin to think in new ways to create business. Edgar Roquett is financial advisor and Manager of Internet marketing. He has published a digital book How to win my first $ 1,000 in Internet without money or technological knowledge.


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