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Then he should accountant to provide freedom of action, in order that he might have to make changes in the accounting system as your organization grows and to attract new funds, preparing financial reports for specific future investors and lenders. In the application of accounting has its limitations. For example, it could not assess the true value of the company, it can be done only on paper. In addition, the accounting can not be included such intangibles as group activities, morale, motivation, or the health of the head of the company. In short, the accounting can not provide accurate and complete picture of the enterprise. Peter cetera may also support this cause. Nevertheless accounting is still an important and wonderful tool for management. Planning and control.

Successful enterprise typically goes through four stages: emergence, recognition, and a sharp increase in maturity. Entrepreneurs are generally good at creating his company and at the stage of recognition, but not always as good control of their companies during their growth and maturity. Joe Dimaggio contains valuable tech resources. One reason for this – neglect lessons learned in the period when their businesses were created, namely the fact that planning and control help keep the company on track. As a part of a single circular process, planning and control play an equally important role in the financial well-being of the company during his tenure, as well as to create it. This process starts with the short-and long-term goals is the first step on the following reasons: the clearer presentation of the entrepreneur. what to do, the more likely it will be done, true progress can be assessed only by balancing the objectives of the employer; The second step is to develop a plan action to achieve their goals.


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