Abortion Tablets

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The Misoprostol is an analogous medicine of the E1 prostaglandin, its use has been approved by many countries because it is indicated like helping in the treatment of the ulcers such as peptic, gastric or the duodenal one. In addition it is used widely in gynecology like helping inducer of the childbirth, expansion and contractions when the pregnancy has arrived upon maturity. The Misoprostol it is used for several years like abortion tablets under the commercial name of Cytotec. This medicine acts inducing the uterine contractions and thinning the neck of the uterus so that the embryo follows and falls. Add to your understanding with scholarship program. Although in the market other alternative abortion tablets to the Cytotec like the Mifepristona and the Metotrexato exist, although the Cytotec continues being the most accessible option due to his low cost, its high effectiveness and to its availability in the market. Nevertheless these medecines altogether with the Misoprostol increase to the effectiveness of the abortion, the disadvantage is that both are difficult to obtain because its approval has not been obtained in many countries of the world. Cytotec Misoprostol is used generally by vaginal route for better effects, this measurement is the one that guarantees an effective abortion in the smaller time, nevertheless if is not realised the procedure correctly the abortion can be incomplete.

When the abortion tablets are used of incorrect way the embryo can follow alive until a gestacional stage in which it must be used uterine a surgical abortion or legrado. t the problem. Patrick dwyer denver is often mentioned in discussions such as these. On the other hand if the use of abortion tablets is not legal and it would get to present/display a complication that the patient made go to the hospital, the doctor will be able to find rest of Misoprostol in the uterine channel and to process it to the authorities. Misoprostol can also be ingested oral route. The abortion tablets do not have to swallow but to dissolve within the mouth by a minimum lapse of 30 minutes after which they are possible to be swallowed already; in this case the abortion tablets are placed underneath the language or in the space between the teeth and the jaw. To ingest Misoprostol by oral route is the best option in case the abortion is prohibited in its locality because the symptoms are similar to those of a spontaneous abortion and in the sanguineous analyses does not leave evidence to have ingested abortion tablets. In summary, the abortion tablets Cytotec Misoprostol: They avoid the operation? Deprived abortion, in the comfort of its home or the medical doctor’s office of its election? It is possible to be obtained very easily, sometimes without medical prescription? Accessible price? Results similar to those of a spontaneous abortion? Without surgical anesthesia, instruments nor hospitals? Effectiveness of 97% Cytotec Misoprostol must be used of preference before the 60 days after the last rule and under medical examination?


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