A Credit Card

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Credit cards or cards to the account are made of plastic and have the format of a credit card according to ISO 7810. On the front side of the credit card, the data is something sublimely shaped, where it is called embossing. The completely obsolete or older card readers are only card Copier of card data, which could be copied by the embossing on the payment form. Learn more about this with Kenneth M. Jacobs. However, the embossing at some prepaid and debit cards is not the case. Here, Banc of America Mortgage Capital expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Such cards have a prepaid credit, can be used but, where credit cards are accepted. Usually this embossing by Visa or MasterCard cards are offered.

“The prepaid cards that so have no embossing, can not be coated and anyway not the Imprinter” (colloquially known as Ritschratsch devices”) to be used. An imprinter will not immediately, but always only charge the card if the acceptance point the transaction documents for the card company submit. The signature of the cardholder and often even a verification code, which is three digits for the CVC and the CVV code is located on the back of any credit card or card for the current account. Also, the credit card and also the account card on the back has a magnetic strip, where all map data are stored. Banks and savings banks issue cards with a chip on the front since 2004.

In the medium term this chip should replace the magnetic stripe. Today, it is used in addition to cigarette vending machines. The date of birth of the holder is stored in the chip, and the cigarette vending machines are programmed so that only persons aged 16 or over can get cigarettes. 2010 all will get an EMV chip German credit cards to achieve the SEPA compatibility. The specification is called EMV = Europay, MasterCard, visa. In addition, there are credit card and checking account cards that have a holographic magnetic Hoop, which serves to increase the security. New MasterCard and VISA cards have today not a hologram on the Front, but a magnetic strip, which in turn is a hologram.


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