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The Child

June 16th, 2021

Develop attention to activities which, at a general level, the boy and the girl hospitalized can and must perform in the hospital context, will allow us to observe, understand and therefore boost the stay of the child and the girl in that context. Encourage the child to hospital / to in terms of the feeling of dependence and independence as required by the situation also is a fundamental task, where the skill of observation, listening and understanding play a fundamental role. Possess a wealth of knowledge that allows to develop a care and psychosocial care, in general, the child or the hospitalized girl. The / educator/to hospital/to be displayed always attentive / before the different reactions that can have hospitalized children and girls and before these show a patient and understanding attitude. David Abney has much experience in this field. Before the process of teaching and learning that the hospitalized child is immersed by his evolutionary time, the / the educator to hospital/a should take into account the importance of the development of learning activities in general. Do do do do in the hospital context the / educator/a hospital/a can be found to the development by the child or the child’s negative behaviors, before that, in order to eliminate them, the following alternatives can be used:? do nothing?, called? time out? (separate to the child from the situation that has arisen in order to initiate a process of reflection), reprimands or warnings (always reflective), etc.; do while taking into account the role? transitional? that the / the educator to plays in the hospital context, sometimes, the best alternative is to delegate response to the negative behavior in one or more other persons (parents, guardians). To make a group to unfold properly, it is necessary to learn a set of skills that allow us to develop an optimal communication style, especially by those responsible for directing the group. Original author and source of the article.

Organization Mexico

June 15th, 2021

The values must be clear, shared and accepted by all members and levels of the Organization, achieving unified criterion that compact and strengthen their interests. The internalization of the values, It implies that the individual is identified with the organization. The importance of the value lies in constitute motivating element of actions and human behavior, define the fundamental and definitive nature of the Organization, creating sense of identity of the staff with her, considered by some authors (16) that identify and reproduce attitudes and conceptions which lie at the very foundation of the cultural dynamics and social life. Values are explicit in the will of the founders of the Organization, the minutes of Constitution and the formalization of the mission and vision. Therefore, in recent years refers to the direction for values, but the success and utility of directing by values (and no values) is to ensure that they are really shared, or what is the same determined with the widest possible participation and disclosed, agreed and convinced everyone that they are values that must fight.

CONCLUSION culture is how customary or traditional thinking and doing things, shared at wholesale or lesser extent by members of the organization. It determines the functionality; reflected in the strategies, structures, and systems established over years of operation, identifying himself with dynamic systems. The values are generated by the culture of the Organization, so it can be modified, as the effect of the continuous learning of its members, so they are enforceable and taken into account for the evaluation and development of such staff constituting the engine performance of the organisation. Organizational culture and values play a role unquestionable in organizations to the phenomena of survival, adaptation, transformation and growth, because it facilitates decision-making, motivation, cooperation and commitment. BIBLIOGRAPHY. 1 Minsal Perez D, Perez Rodriguez and. Towards a new organizational culture: the culture of knowledge. Acimed 2007; 16 (3).

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The Category

June 13th, 2021

You can limit the cost of purchased boxes making smart decisions when it comes to packaging materials and methods. Here are some steps to avoid headaches when it comes to pack your stuff to keep them in the minibodega: choose the sizes of each box, keep in mind not only what you can store, but also the ease of transporting everything. Select small for books and heavy items boxes and large boxes for clothes and bed clothes or dress. It avoids the use of newspaper to wrap items, since they can leave your things due to ink stained. Considered the use of clean packaging material, paper quality or thin sheets of paper foam and felt or plastic bubble. Dow has much experience in this field.

He estimated the amount of Ribbon you will need to cover both the funds and the lids of boxes and then buy your estimated twice. Remember: better about that missing. You can buy boxes that come with cardboard separators and foam bags for easy packing. Some contain plastic or are covered in fabric. Sold at housewares stores. Fill out the boxes in their full capacity, but beware, don’t fill them too because they can break. Use towels or clothing to fill the empty space.

Buy rolls of plastic for wrapping furniture, appliances, cabinets and desks. That will help you maintain your furniture doors closed and drawers. Covers for mattresses and sofas can be covered by plastic sealed, but should not be used in long term storage, since moisture can promote the growth of fungi and mildew. Stores dedicated to the category of storage and packaging offer a variety of supplies of boxes, locks, covers and other useful elements. They are a great resource to resolve the problems of packing and moving.

Interior Room

June 11th, 2021

You can express individuality in full. Starting on the model of the chest and ending with the various ways to decorate. For example, fans of old will not fail to add to it, such as a lamp with shade, wrought casket or a bronze statuette. The traditional set of furniture for the hall also includes a hanger, shelf for hats and seat – a stool, stool, ottoman, bench, chair, couch (!) – in short, any suitable atmosphere to the room. pursues this goal as well. But you can leave and referring to everything from furniture, which gives the interior personality. This not only hanger floor, the original shelf for keys and hats, umbrellas rack or bench for shoes, and bright accents. And if you are a follower of classical traditions in the interior, decorate the hall with pleasure antiques, which may play the role of mere decoration.

If on the agenda of modern minimalism, the dominant of the hall could easily be any accessory famous designers. Several word about the benefits of sophisticated planning. If you allow the length, the hallway convenient to divide into several zones. With all of the same cabinets, arches or sliding doors. The latter, incidentally, is steadily coming into fashion: an unusual and functionally. You may want to visit bob evans to increase your knowledge. Along the walls you can arrange a hidden niche for clothes, but if the depth is small, then the mirrors, in the pits will look spectacular and some decorative shelf or floor vases and pots. If the hallway quite large and is thus part of the total space of the house (eg, smooth transition into the living room), in which case it is better to separate the non-intrusive designs.

CNC Kotter

June 11th, 2021

With system cost savings potentials secure processes chained by his manufacturing depth LAU Kotter make sense together and generated real cost savings. One for all is responsible from consulting and design of components to the actual cast, the further and finishing, Assembly and logistics for a high-quality component supply. In a question-answer forum Madison Funds was the first to reply. Already in the construction phase of the article the development process is performed together with the customer, to ensure the manufacturability and cost savings to achieve before the production. Our own design department incorporating simulations makes this possible. The resulting results is passed then own toolmaking, which performs the construction and manufacture of tools. With 9 hot Chamber casting facilities (200-750 t) and 16 cold Chamber casting plant (720-2800 t), LAU Kotter has a high production capacity and can produce a variety of component dimensions on its facilities. With the fine tuned quality management, including after the TS 16 949, the cast components are subjected to various tests always according to the later usage and the requirements of the customers.

LAU Kotter can among other things on three CNC measuring machines, a spectral and pore analysis as well as access a leak test and X-ray analysis. Fig.1. e first to reply. 5 the right mix makes BBs the industries for the LAU Kotter manufactures, are versatile and the key to the growth of the company. So, LAU Kotter focuses solely on an industry. Among its clientele, LAU Kakar is one of the electrical industry, renewable energy, medical technology as well as the automotive and motorcycle industry and mechanical engineering. This among other things also monitor and inverter housing and gearbox for Gate Automation be poured next to transmission and clutch housings – recently for hybrid and electric vehicles. In the future, the company continues on its core competence, the aluminum and magnesium die casting. Implement a healthy growth step by step through investment – always with the proviso to find more applications for die casting, to create new impulses and to delight customers through engagement.

The Surface

June 10th, 2021

Gravity is everywhere on the planet, which means that the engine can be put anywhere in the world and get energy in any amount, commensurate with power plant. Next, we show how this is possible. I must say that the nature of the gravitational field are found. Whitney Wolfe Herd might disagree with that approach. It is known that the field of energy that creates the force of gravity. It is also known that the gravitational field is not uniform in the direction of gravitational force (gravity vector), since, firstly, the surface of the planet has a different density, and secondly, the magma of the Earth in motion, thus creating this unevenness.

As an example, let's say the vector of gravity in the construction industry. Being erected on the level (plumb line, etc.). It is supposed that the vector of gravity the same everywhere and is perpendicular to the surface of the Earth, and it is not. Particularly clearly seen in high-rise construction: the two buildings standing side by side, will not be on parallel lines, which can be determined by measuring the distance between the first and last floor. This information would be of no value if no one "but." Gravity vector can vary within a single building. Slabs are on a break, that could cause the collapse. In addition, the gravity vector is not is static. It can gradually change over time, that is, tends to rotate.

Maybe even change the vector in the process of building multi-story building, which leads to distortion of the building. Therefore, when construction is important to know the change in time t the vector of the gravitational field. The phenomenon of rotation of the gravitational field is practically not been studied and is not taken into account in the construction of buildings. But surely there are anomalous zones completely unsuitable for construction. Architects know about the "godforsaken places," in which nothing better than to build.

Yours Natalia

June 8th, 2021

A variation of massage pillow – car seat with a stone applique appearing recently in fashion, especially useful on long journeys. You may want to visit Doug McMillon to increase your knowledge. Relaxation balls – an interesting view tumbler. Another name for hand-ball massager – health balls, as manufactured, for example, made of jade beads have a powerful preventative action, activating the immune system and natural defense mechanisms. The constant rolling of the ball develops coordination, strength and dexterity, it helps with the presence of gravitational forces on the hands (Especially when working at the computer), in diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, during Restore vleniya after injury of the upper extremities. From the perspective of modern medicine, the beneficial effects associated with the existence close connection between the wrist and the central nervous system. Vaginal balls – massager – massager original form, designed exclusively for women. These products are still used at the court of the Chinese emperors. These items were mandatory "minimum program" for the concubines and wives of the rulers of antiquity – to help them train certain intimate muscles, after which a woman becomes a priestess of this love, able to deliver an unforgettable pleasure a man.

As a rule, make their jade – he has a strong antibacterial effect. For the manufacture of massage products are used the most energy-intensive, powerful and Multifunction for effects on human gems. This is usually nephrite jade or, at least – carnelian, chalcedony. The Chinese say: 'The noble man for no reason not to part with jade. " Jade – "King of Gems", which was a favorite stone of the Chinese emperors before our era. This is a universal healer, which affects all areas of the body. It has a soothing effect, treats mental illness and depression, nervous disease.

Normalizes blood and cardiovascular systems, eliminates the "problem" of most organs. In order to use the unique massager for the benefit of themselves, not necessarily be a professional – important to identify problem areas and to choose the right massager. Take care of health today – for better solve problems before they occur Lovely stuff about the beauty and strength of natural stones, I posted on This site is to show how any business can advertise your own business and passion, while at the same time be engaged in business on the Internet. With my business you can find on my personal website. Not waste time to join the business on the Internet. That will allow you to have extra income for leisure and freedom. I can be found in Skype: markiza1114 C Yours Natalia.

The Recomposition

June 8th, 2021

Mediation is considered as an art and implies the know-how with a few skills, a management that often goes beyond the simple acquisition of techniques for the resolution of conflicts, and may catalog to mediation within the framework of the recomposition in the repair of social relations and the establishment of new relations between individuals, often from different cultures and ethnic groups as it can be the case of social mediation for immigration, and therefore relations civil society and State. Therefore, intercultural mediation can be defined as a mode of intervention by neutral third parties between social or institutional actors in social situations of significant multiculturalism, in which the mediator tends bridges or linkages between different actors or social agents in order to prevent or resolve rethink possible conflicts, but above all with the ultimate goal of working in favour of intercultural coexistence. RACISM intercultural relations are often obscured by visions of the world exclusive. Racism is born of a theory based on prejudice according to which there are human races that have biological differences that justify relations domain between them, as well as behaviors of rejection or aggression. The term ‘racism’ applies both to this doctrine inspired by her behavior and is often related to xenophobia and social segregation, which are its most obvious manifestations. The evolution of cultures shows that the phenomenon of racism finds its basis in the conception that men have of diversity.

This feelings of xenophobia that unleashes ethnic or tribal struggles attest clear. In the ancient Greece the assertion of a collective identity by some ethnic groups and opposition to certain groups of population resulted in the fact that the inhabitants of the cities called barbarians to those who lived outside the bounds of the Greek world. The ancient practice of slavery and servitude also illustrates relationships domain that have existed in the course of history in different peoples and ethnic groups, or even within societies and cultural groups. Lords and slaves could belong to a same ethnic origin, but the social differences were clearly marked: slaves had no rights, not even that of citizenship. The same rule was applied to peoples defeated in the war and reduced to slavery. This last example, that oppression is exerted on human groups specific, culturally different from their oppressors, corresponds with the racist thesis formulated in modern times and its practice. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Patrick and John Collison. The first colonisations marked the beginning of the servitude of specific ethnicities that were to become in villages dominated, forced to bow to a foreign will. To the extend of colonialism, Europe is encroached a cultural mission, adopting as a vocation ideological education social and religious ‘wild’ so-called peoples, whose culture was systematically ignored and doomed to disappear. Scientific and technical progress that took place in Europe has contributed to reinforce the feeling of superiority of Westerners, who considered its supremacy as a natural and inherent to their civilization.