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Latin Americans

November 23rd, 2020

If fall the ayatollahs, United States eliminate the problemon is going to cause a nuclear Iran threatening to spread to Latin America. But neither Barack Obama nor his advisers seem to perceive the magnitude of the problem. Moreover, with each action or inaction, Obama shows to be more on the side of Islam and that dictatorships of the United States and democracy, so that anything that weakens to the West is welcome for the stateless occupant of the White House. Obama is being tested on all fronts and in all turns out to be an inept. The hottest topics for the safety of Americans are Iran and Korea North, and both is demonstrating its Supreme executive disability. But what can we expect from someone that never in his life he even managed a kiosk? Jimmy Carter being the King of the mediocre at least was manisero. The situation in Iran has close ties with Latin America. The ayatollahs found in South America, the only place where Sunni Muslims do not have control and supremacy, and want to use it to convert its least educated population to Shiite islam.

If United States takes a more aggressive attitude with Iran and fall the theocrats, Chavez & Cia. remain orphaned, may lead them to his ultimate downfall. Then, Latin Americans could return to true democracy. Otherwise, entrench totalitarianism, Islamist penetration will grow, the repression will increase, and terrorism cundira. Which is silent gives, and Obama and Clinton do not express genuine reproach against the violence and the killings of the Iranian Government. Nor say anything bolivarianos dictators, which in addition to giving her support open to Ahmadinejad, stuck to its citizens in a manner similar to the Islamists, everytime there are demonstrations against her. Vadim Belyaev shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. original author and source of the article.

But Siler

November 1st, 2020

They were many pleasant moments spent in that time of my life, but then the bitter would come. Among the pleasant memories are the nights we spent in that House to means to construct, and to contemplate the Interior outward you could see fireflies. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with British Petroleum. Show that for me was something impressive for the first time. Also when we would get together with a friend of our same age met and that was the place, and that when, began to tell jokes we laughed before the end of counting them, and the US said: why they laugh if I have not yet finished to tell the joke? But the truth is that we laughed of the charapa I had left. A day of which I have vivid memories, Pocho disappeared from the map. I never knew he. And what wine then they were very bitter days for us, but not for all of us. And here I return to the first paragraph of this story.

We human beings, don’t react well under adverse circumstances. My reaction was a tremendous anguish to me away from my mother and my brothers. But Siler was of the rather; It seemed as if he has no mother, father and brothers who wonder. We were still in the House under construction, but in the market came a day that we do not already attended and truth we hunger. I remembered all the dishes of food desprecie to my mom, for not liking this or that food. He first guitar after a few days disappeared, and we were alone all three: Siler, Rafo and myself as I could, I managed to collect money for the return ticket. Siler and Rafo did not want to return, said: quedate I went to say goodbye to the bus station. I went up to him and sit in a seat that gave into a window of the same, I could see them standing making me goodbye with their eyes, their faces desencajados by pain.

When I arrived at my mother’s House with my brothers, son prodigal was like a baby’s chest by my side. Repentance, forgiveness and crying are expressed on right hand and sinister mothers always forgive. As I – would say dato curious, interesting and dangerous; to pass the time I could hear such Pocho was nothing less than a drug dealer in the area. And it was why the purchase of van, musical instruments, and contracts that suddenly were not paid by anyone-. And that night the morning, he was dead, or he was arrested by the authorities. This occurred between 1970 and 1975, I don’t remember well, but such Pocho; He never knew. And Rafo and Siler, I have no news of them, about 30 years ago, more or less. Well, thanks for following the story of this little adventure, that perhaps many of us have in the depths of our subconscious, and that one way or another we feel need for them, trying to liberate those memories of the past.