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Julio Matheson

July 27th, 2018

Analyzing all these modifications, we verify the necessity of them, for being about one another language: the cinematographic one. It does not have the possibility of being faithful to the words, what it exists in the cinema is the creation of a new form of art, that can be based on Literature, but that it does not work with words. Therefore, this ticket of the symbolic language for the icnica requires its adaptations, Matheson perceived impossibility to transpose a book in images, creating a so beautiful film how much the romance, but that it has significaes/different motivations. Notes 1 ‘ ‘ Experiment a sublime sensation to verwhelm entire communities, with one alone blow of vontade’ ‘ (MATHESON, 1990, P. 23.

Translation Lusa Ibaez) 2 ‘ ‘ Why I came here? Everything now is illogical. Two hundred and six kilometers so that? ‘ ‘ (MATHESON, 1990, p.23. Translation Lusa Ibaez) 3 ‘ ‘ Yielding the originals to the publisher, I made a vast suppression of useless stretches in the first part of the manuscript. (…) In any way I feel myself guilty for what fiz’ ‘ (MATHESON, 1990, P. 11.

Translation Lusa Ibaez) 4 is not to surprise that Richard developed the illusion of that had retreating in the time to find Elise Mckenna. (MATHESON, 1990, P. 282. Translation Lusa Ibaez) 5 the material of a novel is the words, the material of a film is the images (…) Where measured if it can speak of adaptation and not of a new and independent creation? (Translation ours) 6 and to the failure of one have from there filmed so ambitious as the Ulisses (1966), of Joseph Strick, who if limited to place in images the argument of the novel of James Joyce, without leading in account that the previous problem age to find a visual equivalent for the way to tell of Joyce. (Translation ours) BIBLIOGRAPHY BARROS, Diana Light Person of; FIORIN, Jose Luiz. Dialogismo, polifonia, intertextualidade. So Paulo: Edusp, 1999. FIORIN, Jose Luiz. Introduction to the pesamento of Bakhtin. So Paulo: It stokes, 2006. GIMFERRER, Pere. Cine y literature. Barcelona: Seix Barral, 2005. MATHESON, Richard. Somewhere in teams.

Modern Russian

July 15th, 2018

If you look closely deeper, we can see that the whole thing in an effort to belong to a society with other standards. However, most women buy clothes from famous designers for one reason – such Clothing can completely change the image of women in the eyes of others. Upscale brands – is a clear indicator of success, wealth and status. Whether we admit it or not, but "people meet their clothes." Women, consciously or subconsciously feel and understand that the price of high-end clothing definitely pay for itself. Besides, what woman does not want to look fantastic and just amazing to feel? Conclusion: The well-known shopping for clothes brands, a woman buys a thing, authority, social status and recognition of the society and pass to the world elite. The philosophy of the modern woman – it is fashionable and comfortable! An important factor influencing the choice of female clothing, is also comfort.

Clothing should not only be fashionable but also practical, convenient, versatile. Modern Russian women customers are guided by Western women who appreciate comfort. That is why the European clothes endowed with versatility, they are often impossible to classify on the weekends and everyday. They are all at the same time comfortable and charming, suited both for an unforgettable night at the secular parties, as well as daily tasks. Flea markets with cheap imports bezmarochnymi things from Asia irrevocably obsolete. Women prefer comfortable buying recognized collection of fashionable clothes. The important point is the wide range, the ability to pick up several things at once for a new wardrobe.

The modern pace of life is high, many successful women are simply not enough time for a long shopping spree. If a fashionable women's store clothing will be created all conditions for the convenience of shopping, the number of sales will increase substantially. Conclusion: The range, quality and comfort of a boutique – all of this, of course, important aspects of starting a business of wholesale selling fashionable women's clothing. But the most important and primary – choice of provider!