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Plagues Of Flowers

June 7th, 2016

Flowers are one of the components most beautiful that can occur in a garden, but so that it retains its beauty is necessary to try to avoid the presence of pests of flowers and for that task it is best to learn more about various pests of flowers and so have some knowledge in combating pests that can damage the image of flowers. Sowbugs: also known as cooked, are a few small insects that have a protective shield and when attacking flowers nailed his pica in the leaves to get the SAP from them, which will produce discolored leaves, that with the loss of SAP will be yellow and eventually fall, also part of the SAP that consume ejected it in the form of liquid, and such liquid fungi to settle. To combat the mealybugs can make use of a cotton tissue moistened with alcohol or apply insecticide anticochinillas. Aphids: they are small insects of Greens, Browns, blacks and yellows colors. To be in flowers faithless nailed his beak and will absorb the lifeblood, what You will have as an effect the deformation of leaves, also they give way to the formation of fungi, also attract the ants, since these take care of aphids. To deal with this type of pests of flowers, you can cut the leaves in case that is a weak attack and gently wipe the leaves with water and a little SOAP, but if the attack is already advanced it is necessary to use an insecticide. Whitefly: as its name suggests are small white flies, which occur to a greater extent in flowers such as Begonia, Fuchsia, dahlia, geranium, poinsettia, Rosal, Laurel, Gardenia, Coleus, Cineraria, spring, Sage, Gerbera. The damage caused by these pests of flowers is due to a constant snacking, which discolored leaves, if leaves is intense Thisis and may even fall, also produces an excretion that give way to the presence of the fungi.

To address this type of pests of flowers it is good to spray the undersides of leaves with chemical treatments, which must be repeated several times. Thrips: are tiny insects which just measure a few millimeters, causing discolorations in the leaves of the flowers. Indeed this type of pests of flowers does not cause great harm, but sometimes is necessary chemical intervention. Black donut: is a type of Caterpillar that is feeding neck of the flowers and their lower leaves, which means a great destruction to the flowers. To kill the pests of flowers as the black donut based pyrethrins, applying it at dusk, products should be used since this pest is nocturnal. Ornamental: they are a sort of color bright green beetles, which eat flowers, buds and sprouts leaves. Chemical treatments is usually not needed, but they must attack with hands or some means to capture them or crush them. Original author and source of the article

The Bundeswehr

June 3rd, 2016

Medium can be so only off the stock generate us only where they are also available. The 10 percent in Germany, the real, have many billions of dollars and help could, will bring their assets in safe places, where that may be. By the way, this is also long to happen, because these people are well informed and know how to protect assets in bad times from access. Unfortunately, we have no Club of billionaires, as in the States, which are very helpful. The middle class with their trillion savings deposits at banks and insurance companies, is tangible and will need to bleed with the help of taxes and special charges. It is ultimately logically no other way. If it goes to the money these people who still ranting about social parasite and lazy and she puts the fear that they have to share the suffering of those people it will come to the fiasco and this fiasco is coming and programmed, it can be in different EU States observed. It is inconceivable that it will come to a more or less socialist revolution once again, as in the past.

No, rather to anarchy-like conditions, which will dispense with any control. The Bundeswehr, need to be as so often desired, for use in the country to avoid the worst. The police alone can not stop a mob charged with emotions. The domestic markets that gross negligence in favour of exports have been neglected and lying on the floor, will be no saving Island collapses the export for the second time, after the banking crisis. The production plants in Germany are almost totally geared to export or wandered off in low-wage countries and who are still here are to the succumb to come. Without new debt, money for a new phase of short-time work or cash for clunkers program no longer exists.