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April 23rd, 2016

Tick: they are more difficult to combat and can also transmit diseases. In some areas are a problem and you must use effective products to combat them, in addition to immediately remove any tick see you in your dog. Mosquito: If you live in an area where the disease Lehismaniosis is common (the area of the Mediterranean and Central), take all necessary precautions to protect your dog from mosquito bites, which are the transmitters of the organism that causes it. Consult your veterinarian regarding products and protocols to be followed to prevent this disease. FEEDING a proper dog feeding is essential for proper development and health of the dog.

There are basically two types of power: natural and commercial (I think). We are in favour of the natural diet, it is that we give to our dogs and which recommend preferably. The great disadvantage of the natural food is that it requires more preparation time, more organization and is less comfortable that given I think. While we feed our dogs with natural food, puppies as wean them and deliver mainly eating I think. Although this may seem a nonsense, it is something very thought and has its justification.

The explanation is that the majority of new owners will feed your dog with I think, so we prefer that the puppy is initially accustomed to this, so the change to his new home do not wear also rigged a sudden change in power and more stress. If you decide to feed with feed, choose one high-end (the expensive: Eukanuba, Nutro,) and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If are you interested in the natural diet, see our page devoted specifically to this subject: power for optimal health and longevity of our Boxer-(I think or natural) meal Plan– until 3 months of age: 4 meals a day (morning, noon, evening and night) – from 3 to 6 months: 3 meals per day (morning, noon and night) – from 6 to 12 months: 2 meals a day (morning and night) – 1 year onwards: 1 or 2 meals a day (if you eat I think best 2) food should be given to ambient or slightly warm temperature.

Land Rover Freelander

April 18th, 2016

One has occurred by finalized II the Edition of the Contest Car of the Year EllasConducen 2010 that has taken place within its page in Facebook, in which the most feminine car of the 2010 has been chosen and the winner has been Land Rover Freelander2 with 35% of the votes, followed of the Audi A5 Cabrio and Abarth 500 respectively. At Harbour Portfolio Advisors you will find additional information. Next we left the results you of the 10 voted cars more: More feminine car of the 2010? Land Rover Freelander2 (35%)? Audi A5 Joist (15%)? Abarth 500 (10%)? Alfa Romeo Myth (8%)? Infiniti EX37 (7%)? Audi Q5 (7%)? SEAT Leon FR (7%)? Volkswagen Scirocco (5%)? Opel Astra (3%)? Mazda CX -7 (3%) We are thankful for also the sponsorship of the contest on the part of companies leaders, such as MAPFRE, Ford Deysa and Marketing Surfers, that have wanted to support their to this initiative. On was created in 2007 with the purpose of to help and to inform to all the women interested in the world of the motor or who demand an advising customized in the purchase of its vehicle. From its beginning, this vestibule offers a great variety of informative services and gratuitous advising, such as the purchase of a vehicle and the hiring of an insurance, next to the news, tests of cars and articles of the present time. All the partners registered in the Web receive monthly in their email, without no type of cost, the Motor Newsletter for Them, whom information updated of all that with the automobile sector includes. From its launching, has received more than 2.000.000 of visitors and has more than 12,000 registered users, who monthly receive the digital edition of Motor for Them. A project of the Group They belongs to the Group They, founded on 2007 by Juan Merodio. Its objective resides in helping to the women in different sectors, creating communities in Internet and ensure communications and information between the users. Thus, it manages a network of vestibules dedicated exclusively to the feminine public.

Business Training

April 9th, 2016

Statistics first digit. In September 2007, the agency discovery Research Group has completed the regular market research business training in Russia. So, in 2005 the Russian market for short-term business education was about 0-200 million Annual growth rate – 25-30%. Market volume of training services in 2006 amounted to 9,3-258 million by end of 2007 the market volume will increase to 6,1-336,6 million, and in 2008 will rise to 3,7 – 439.7 million Current volume consumption of services of business education in Russia Compared to Europe: they have, and textarea, 5 from us, per person per year. Below, apparently, only in the Kalahari.

But we, as usual, there is room to grow. By 2016 the market size of business education in Russia could reach the level of textarea, a -1.3 billion currently in Russia operates 450 training companies. It's 100 million working-age population. Experts predict a further increase in the market, due to the fact that more and more business leaders recognize the need for comprehensive training of its staff. The most popular are now training related to sales, advertising, negotiating, management and marketing. A leading company in the market. Barriers to entry remain quite low.

Regional market shows strong growth, while capital market almost does not grow. Among consumers allocate training experts, especially medium and large business, about 70-80% of people who begin to seek the services of training agencies. The figure for small business segment is somewhat lower – 50%. The average age sent for training is 31 years and varies from 22 to 50 years. Forecast: capital market will grow by 10%, and in the regions of growth could reach 40% Local Attractions Undoubtedly, in Samara, nobody will be convinced of the need for staff training. Market and competition rigidly distribute "all the sisters on earrings. Life in business is constantly proves that once this knowledge make it impossible to compete successfully. Employers require employees to continually improve qualifications. Teaching staff in most cases, sending them on short-term seminars, or provide them with business training. In the most general sense of business trainings are designed to solve two problems: 1. Ensure receipt of new knowledge, developing skills and abilities and create the motivation of employees to the success of the organization, 2. Involve the human factor to correct deficiencies in the actions, abilities, knowledge, skills employees, the nature of their interactions, hindering the achievement of corporate success.