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Used Cars

January 28th, 2011

Although in Spain the market for buying / selling used cars is growing, its volume is not as high as in other European Union countries. The first thing you should know is precisely what kinds of cars are known as second hand vehicles. Fall into this category cars have been around a while longer than six months or who have traveled in June. 000 or more miles, and was purchased from a legally authorized. In the event that the purchase / sale takes place between users, vehicles acquired this name from the moment they have left the dealership. While this distinction may seem obvious, irrelevant or out of place, it is needed as it will determine certain guarantees and rights that apply to the purchase / sale of the vehicle.

Determining the value of a used car can become a sensitive issue, which is why we recommend that you review journals in cars (both new and used) and pay attention to statistical tables you find in them. To give you an idea, the CEA (Spanish Confederation of Automotive) has determined that a new car depreciates about 15 to 20% from the day after purchase, while the number of devaluation is growing at 10% per year of age the first five years. However, keep in mind that these numbers represent approximate data, because the values may be increased if the conditions of second-hand car have been improved for resale. Although distinctions may not know it, in the market for buying / selling used cars there are different distinctions according to the state or the appropriateness of the car.

You see, the features provided with power that distinction will affect the quality of the purchase, as well as the rights and guarantees to get it. Come to the point. Among the various types of used cars can meet with these meanings: Km 0, pre-owned, second-hand or individuals. Despite that traded in the market for second hand car, we must point out that cars known as kilometer zero of the same companies from car manufacturers. In fact it is almost new car without facts kilometers, or with a low amount, which the dealership has been registered for future date prior to the date of sale. One of the main causes of economic maneuver is to get to reach sales quotas established for the various concessionaires.

While the car will be sold at a price below that set by the manufacturer, this will not impact the customer enjoyment with all relevant legal guarantees up to two years after purchase and registration. In the market for buying / selling used cars to which we are referring, the name Pre-Owned will encompass those who are less than a year old.