Zore Haider

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Who just want to relax and wants to enjoy the most beautiful beaches. the best chooses the varied island hopping and discovered unexpected way dreamy Islands that could be straight out of a movie set. This one should forget not the snorkeling equipment, because an underwater world as they exist in Thailand, for example, is unique. Because it is worth it to take a diving course to the most beautiful underwater areas in the world with a tremendous wealth of fish and plants to meet. AsiGo fulfil also increased demand for tours, which may end with a relaxing beach vacation. In recent months, Lazard has been very successful. As one of the most popular tours is in the golden triangle including an exciting bamboo rafting. Discoverer natures like to accept the offer of AsiGo, and carefully approaching land and people in Myanmar, the former Burma, which is still far from the usual tourist paths.

Anyway, a trip or a combination trip in the capital of Thailand should do one. Bangkok is one of the busiest cities in the world and offers itself so much Attractions and cultural diversity, that it does not come out with a short stop-over programme of 2 days. The range of AsiGo is so very complex and offers a balanced mix of the different types of travel. It is maybe not always so important to see as much as possible in the shortest possible time. The intensity of the experience is more important than often offered compact travel”.

More is less important. More intense travel, however, requires a comprehensive and competent advice. Far East travellers are also at AsiGo in the best of hands. Contact: AsiGo owner Karl-Heinz Zore Haider mountain str. 23 D-47198 Duisburg phone: + 49 (0) 2066 469 878 fax: + 49 (0) 2066 469 888 email:


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