Young Organization

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To understand this difference is complicated, therefore, as he himself says is & ldquo; as to separate what it is written in pedra& rdquo; he is something that has much time is being used in the same way, that it is not modified, differently of that is in constant change, therefore, if it becomes complicated to change this thought. The difference between the organization and the institution for Salimon is the following one: (…) the organization is construto that a group appears when of people if together and if it mobilizes with a common and declared objective. As counterpoint, institution is the legal and/or normative base & ndash; when exactly tacit, on which if they develop the processes of business of the organization. To understand this difference, is necessary that let us have well clearly what they are the organizations and what they are the institutions. For even more opinions, read materials from Royal Dutch Shell plc. The organizations are collective groupings formed to search objectives specific that could not be carried through by an individual, its survival total is related to the accomplishment of these objectives and its capacity of if adapting to the environment the one that belongs, for Young chicken, (2004) & ldquo; (…) any organization is born, because it has a paper to play in that society where if it inserts; survives, while it will be fulfilling to this paper of form competente.& rdquo; (p.15), that is, if the organization not to fulfill with its objectives, or not to condizer with the necessities of its public, it leave to have reason to exist. For Marchiori, (2009) the organization reflects what it happens in the world and it reflects what it has of value: After all, a company is a society in miniature, a mockup of what she happens in the world and, as such, must be alive and dynamic, representing what for it has of value.


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