Wooden Building Blocks

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Children like to play with wood blocks and wooden blocks. Wood blocks were invented in 1932 by the toymaker Ole Kirk Christiansen. Almost all children know from small on blocks of wood. They are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and forms. You are offered different types of wood and plastic. The colours, a distinction is made between primarily between building blocks that are painted and blocks that are left untreated. Wooden blocks are offered separately or as a set in a modular system.

Large wood cubes have the advantage that small children feel they better access and do not swallow. At the age of two, most children can build a simple Tower. It makes the children not only fun to play, it is also very instructive. By playing with the building blocks, children practice the coordination of hand and eye. Is trained by building blocks the motor skills of the children and learn about the different shapes, sizes, and colors. Due to the different sizes of these Children feel conveys size blocks. Small children need only a few stones up to three years, too many can overwhelm them.

With some creativity and some building blocks, you can build all kinds of things such as houses, garages, towers, stairs castles and bridges. There are no limits to the imagination and forgotten believed comes with use. The children have lots of fun when the integrated building blocks collapse. Modules will be offered that are printed with letters, this letter cubes can be raised by children on a cord and this words from the building blocks can be made. This letter cubes form a chain. Often wooden blocks are a popular birthday or Christmas gift, and it will be started immediately after unpacking the building. Wooden building blocks hold very long and can next generation passed.


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