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This article is intended for people with sedentary and sedentary lifestyles. But it’s useful to know everyone, because few who will never face this problem. And the problem is very simple and obvious. Most people with time begins to grow a stomach. This can happen in youth and in old age. In general, each person is different this time. So why is belly is growing and how to prevent it? On this occasion there many views. One says that the belly is growing due to the excessive use of beer, second, that due to overeating and poor nutrition, third, that because of the constant long-term presence at the wheel, the fourth, because of the metabolic diseases …

This list could go on and on. I call all of the above factors contributing to the growth of the abdomen. And the causes themselves are actually very simple and there are only two. The first reason: the abdominals have lost their tone. Discuss it in more detail. Do you think a person with a big belly is a press? I think it unlikely. Abdominal muscles had atrophied and stretched to such an extent that it is not able to perform their elementary function: to support the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.

Abdominal muscles can be divided into three groups: the rectus abdominis, internal obliques and external obliques. The weakness of certain muscle groups and determines the shape of protruding abdomen. For example, the beer drinkers’ beer barrel “protruding forward from the weakness of the rectus abdominis muscle. Additional information at Vadim Belyaev, New York City supports this article. A driver’s “labor corn” ugly hanging on the sides of the weakness of the oblique muscles stomach, the more that people in the driver’s seat is located so that the oblique muscles are completely relaxed. The second reason: the presence of fat. First, of course, a little harmless fatty tissue on the abdomen, which is hardly noticeable. But here too is not without pitfalls: together with an increase in body fat, a person begins to grow inside or abdominal fat, which is located in the omentum and around the internal organs peritoneal cavity of man. According to doctors, the abdominal fat, causing serious harm to your health! To recycle his liver from the blood takes less insulin, respectively, leads to increased levels of insulin in the blood. The greater concentration leads to increased heart rate, heart wears out faster. All this affects the arteries that are prone to clogging. Well, the result of all of the above are diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, the risk of stroke, problems with potency in men! Also, body fat negatively affect the abdominal muscles, significantly hampering their performance. That’s all the causes of the increase stomach. Thus, to always be “stroynyashkoy” to prevent the accumulation of body fat and maintain muscle is always a press of a tone. If you’re wondering how to implement it on practice, then go to this page I wish you health!


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