Vista Battery

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Notebooks (laptops or notebooks), are currently the most widely used in the market. Such is his strength within the market, which are currently replacing desktops for your use. ECRI is actively involved in the matter. Clear have many advantages: its mobility allows you to take it wherever you want and at the same time performs the same functions as any other computer. But there is a defect: battery. It may happen that you have just a job and jumps you notice that you left seconds so will turn off the laptop. Of course, rechargeable batteries are not eternal and with the passage of time, so that afternoon or early touch replace it.

This time depends on the use we give to the notebook, average time in which it use, applications with which we work, etc. But there are some recommendations how to increase your battery life: using connections and communications as bluetooth, wi-fi, infrared only when necessary, i.e. all off otherwise since wireless networks tend to consume energy even when not in operation. Reduce the brightness of the screen, which consumes much energy resource. You can lower your intensity to your screen. Change of power in the Start button find the option for saving energy (Windows Vista). Disconnect Usb devices and close applications and programs if not these using as web cameras, mouse, memory, 3 G cards, phones or iPod etc eject a CD or DVD that can be consumed part of the available energy. Avoid using the CD-DVD-BluRay-ROM drive when you don’t have the laptop connected to the current.

Keep the battery in a dry place and temperature conditions recommended by the manufacturer, in case if you usually get the battery to the laptop. The batteries have a memory that instructs the laptop the approximate remaining battery time. But it is important to remember that batteries have a limited charge/discharge cycle life. Everytime you download your laptop battery and to charge it again, you move closer a step more at the end of its useful life.


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