Visionary Management

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A visionary manager, a real charismatic leader, proactive, generator changes strategist, visionary, innovator, entrepreneur, coaching, insurance, trust, participatory. Scholarship program spoke with conviction. It should further strengthen the skills needed to ensure a good performance in the functions of finance, taxation, marketing, production, human resources management systems involving the development of more practical, less bureaucratic, with management, planning, organization and control more efficient considering all the benevolence that brings knowledge society. The administrator Venezuelan our interest in the present facing serious challenges that confront them know with certainty, with action to ensure companies a significant role in their behavior, growth. must know how to deal with the risks, uncertainty, turbulence, giving way to actions that counteract the effects generated by the impact of surrounding variables, especially the State., find ways to minimize the problems that lead to that exhibits a negative organizational behavior, by contrast, look, resources to help strengthen the training, development and proper utilization of human talent of the members that make up the organization. (Not to be confused with cornell capital!). Optimize the use of all resources, the opportunities are generated from a turbulent scenario, new economic openings that are occurring with the changes that have occurred in the country in recent years, for example with the new foreign trade policy invites you to venture into other scenarios.

Generate changes that will redefine its goals, build on their strengths, work on their weaknesses and evaluate their goals, but now, facing a new economic policy that the state has begun, within a socialist ideology. Conclusions The current reality administrator is committed to resolve unclear situations when their organizations face uncertainty, change and competition. In difficult situations such as facing the country, workers need good managers, leaders so that they convey their trust and impose order. Successful leaders become the eye of the hurricane, in a reference point to calm and reassuring from which to take action effectively. Consider that you can not achieve real success in the leadership profile, if the administrator is energetic, eager to take on challenges, responsibilities and determined, able to convey the will to carry out things to the end and not be profitable able to exercise determination and the wisdom to control their emotions when under pressure. The leaders not only control and direct their followers, but in a very real sense, also embody the most significant characteristics of their groups. If you intend to be a good manager in this, we must accept the followers, motivate them


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