Video Conference

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The professors give lesson saw computer, in video-conference, with the pupils and these they can carry through research and make ' ' viagens' ' without leaving house, with eyeglasses special in third dimension. The parents are responsible for the accompaniment and presence will be children. It is well more easy to understand numbers, to understand histories and concepts. It is as to live each content. I made my college operating animal it saw computer, and it was everything very real, it did not feel lack of animals died in my front. By the way, I find this very fnebre! Today I make research in the area of animal reproduction. My environment of work is of more pleasant.

An urban farm. Nobody wants more to live in said areas agricultural, then the urban farms had been projected. The building where if it locates ' ' minha' ' farm has 250 floors, but only 50 of them are of the farm. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Seth Fisher Hong Kong. Each floor is a sector. We have milk production, meat and derivatives.

The ones that has plantations are kept in surrounding greenhouse, climatized and well-taken care of permanently for specialists. I am involved now in a well ambitious project, we are starting to work with hybrid flocks. It does not have as much space in the urban farms as in the old opened grass, then the skill is to maximize the production and to gain space. It has some years, after three decades of intense research and some failures, the scientists of the entire world had commemorated the development of the first hybrid mammal of our history. A female called Eva ironically, a cow of the Nelore race, that obtained to multiply without the presence of the male. A new independent reproductive agency, that in cyclical periods liberate gametas sexual feminine masculines and, what it makes possible the fecundao of one more than vulo.


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