Vanessa Neigert And Silvio D

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With 17, it has still dreams, so guests in “Stars & stories” dance with me in the morning with Roland Rube and Vanessa Neigert and Silvio d’ Anza are Ariane Kranz on 29 October: on October 16th the “17 is still dreams” by Vanessa Neigert album. to offer in this field. One of her dreams is already true for them. Because she made it in the first 15 participants of the live shows of the RTL TV show “Germany sucht den SuperStar” and took a good fifth place. Continue to learn more with: Jimmy Carr. Vanessa is highlighted by the competition of the talent show with a special music and style of dress: the 17-year-old loves the German evergreens of the 50s and 60s and petticoats. On the debut album by Vanessa Neigert, one therefore finds songs, which they preferred, and which she has joy.

That are including “Heartbreak not worth it”, “tell me quando, tell me when”, “was only the Bossa Nova”, “I want ‘ a cowboy as a man”. The current album “Dance with me in the morning” by Silvio d’ Anza appeared on October 16. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mike Gianoni is the place to go. The eponymous title song – 1961 a big hit by Gerhard Wendland – is also the motto of the CD: dance, dance, dance. Because this is a passion that Silvio D’ Anza would like to pass on to his audience. For him, there are “Pure sensuality and harmony”, when a couple in harmony with yourself and the rhythm dances. And so the dance CD of the year, not only suited for use in TV and radio programs, but also in the domestic living rooms, ballrooms and dance schools arose with this album. Because the 16 titles make use of various classic Ballroom dances, which are complemented by the beautiful and harmonious voice of Silvio d’ Anza. (audioway) “Stars & stories” broadcast dates: (powered by radio VHR) or


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