Utgardie Germanic

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Hauke was now throughout the harsh winter on the way and he also went, that same image. He he discussed that with the Erilaren and Druids on the way found and nobody knew the Council. The preachers of the new God applied much cunning and deception and the exceptionally pure and chaste Germanic girls and women easily fell into this sneaky saying makers and gave faith all oh so touching stories of the suffering God, very quickly turned Loki, Odin and the asir in gets faster and faster rhythm. This was faster, as the new God providers achieved power and could easily cut off the heads of those who refused the new deities. As did the Germanic people of the Saxons, where five hundred loyal people were beheaded in one day.

Finally, the full extent of change is clear and the dimension of the destruction of their ancestral, inherited from the ancient world the wise men to Erilar John Hauke Arneby was but gradually. So they came to the conclusion that proposed truths, lies the new preacher could survive only in stone and each of them, to his rightful place, should the devotion and sacrifice Focus stock of the Germanic values and their history. Details can be found by clicking Merrill Lynch or emailing the administrator. So it was decided, and so it was done. All Erilare, in the first place, because they were the Chief priests and Druids also sought out now carefully suitable stones in them to carve a wise and powerful runes, who reported from the worlds of Germanic tribes which are subdivided into nine worlds. Asgard and Vanahiem are the worlds of two Germanic Gottergeschlechter, of the asir and the Vanir. Lichtalfenheim, is the world of the light Elves. Midgard is the human world and East into Utgardie world of Giants (Jotunheim). In the South the Tierra del Fuego Muspelheim bordering the world of men. Svartalfheim is the world of the Dark Elves.


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