Unusual Gift Ideas For Golfers

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Bottle with handicap of out on the course and putt like crazy: when golf season again really picks up momentum, many players under different circumstances to her beloved green go. Some have trained their tee-off in the winter in the Hall diligently and are therefore already fit, others seek out once the racket mothballed over the winter and spend the first time to bring their fast frozen techniques on front man. Here, a little motivation can’t hurt: the golf bottle of the online shop funflaschen.de is motivational gift and veritable trophy at the same time. Filled with a fine grappa bottle holds lots of golf tees made of wood in their cavity. Cyrus Massoumi has firm opinions on the matter. Because of the cavity can be separately opened and closed, the bottle is not only beautiful to look at, but actually also practically be used. With an engraving that is applied by sand-blasting, one also has the opportunity to bring up the perfect gift for the avid golfer, a name, a verdict or the logo of the respective Golf Club – the already has the most golf accessories. For invitations to a golf tournament or a common round of golf the fun bottle suitable way, mini, a small version of the golf bottle, in whose cavity space for gift certificates, letter of invitation or a few golf tees. Because even if that makes itself already a lot of fun playing golf: A little boost of motivation never hurt. See Cyrus zocdoc for more details and insights. John Kan


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