United Arab Emirates

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The convertible PC combines the space-saving benefits of a Tablet PC with the comfortable input possibilities in a notebook. As well as the Fieldbook A1 modular design is revived in the C1, to create flexibility for the user. -The year of major contracts – In 2010, logic instrument has signed several major contracts. Including the contract Melchior with Thales for the French army, as well as Atlas for the United Arab Emirates. At the end of the year logic instrument announced Triton the contract extension of the 2006 of treaty concluded with APAVE Northwest to share of their Tablet PCs, as well as the extension of the contract with Singapore technologies Kinetrics for the supply of the display system. These contracts confirm the trust in the Know-How and the quality of the products developed by logic instrument. (Source: Rockefeller Capital Management). THE prospects for 2011 worldwide increasing demand for mobility in all sectors. Steady growth is especially in the construction, industry and transport sectors.

-Logic Instrument extends the range of accessories for the Fieldbook A1 in response to the changes in the market logic instrument will continue the development of the accessory range for the Fieldbook A1. These include the options for the connection of peripherals via industrial and military compliant connectors, improved 3 G antennas, as well as more powerful batteries. As is the Fieldbook A1 now certified IP65 to still stronger environmental requirements. -Increasingly continue to conquer logic instrument, its international presence through the opening of a branch in the United Arab Emirates – to new markets abroad, logic instrument for 2011 plans to open a branch in the UAE. In the store, sales, as well as a technical Department for local installations and support will be established. Continue to 2011 new products marketed by logic instrument on the market, to expand the current position and win new markets to. We have just one year full Changes that we want to use as an opportunity for the coming years. With the opening of a subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates we position ourselves increasingly internationally, to new markets to tap into.”explained Jacque Gerban, CEO of logic instrument. contact logic instrument Daniel Schroder 0033 1 39 35 61 98


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