Ukrainian Deputy

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Not so long ago in the press reported that the administration of President intends to sell the building, which now owns the century churches and the Ukrainian authorities to start going to the Kiev Church of the Holy Nicholas. Anna German Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine stated that the churches in Ukraine, no one will ever sell and would not even had no such intention. With this statement the Deputy Head of Administration President of Ukraine, Anna Herman denied rumors that the authorities intend to do so. And that power is not in any way going to sell the building the church of St. Nicholas, the church located on the street Hem Horev. Later Anna Herman said that never, under any circumstances, no matter what the authorities churches in Ukraine, no one will sell.

Anna Herman said that the press has this information to adjust the Ukrainian citizens against the current government and cause unnecessary anxiety among the capital's residents. Moreover vice president of Ukraine, Anna Herman, when told about the first deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Alexander Popov administration, he was very surprised and outraged and personally assured her that this will make no one and no one was going, but the information in the press quite simply a provocation. In recent months, Joan Dausa has been very successful. Anna Herman has been appointed Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine, on the first day, when Viktor Yanukovich joined the powers of the President of Ukraine. According to Anna Herman is not a new position was pleased, and would prefer to work Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Anna Herman stated that at present the post is going to work with President Viktor Yanukovych directly. And they discussed it with the president and agreed to..


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