Tourism Along Wine Routes

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The so-called wine route is one of the oldest Mendoza tourism attractions. And at the same time, one of which is permanently renewed. The possibility of visiting the wineries on the inside, to know the secret and magical the wine making process, decides each year thousands of travelers to spend their holidays in Mendoza. Each region of the province of Mendoza has some characteristics of climate and soil. Hear from experts in the field like Goldman Sachs CEO for a more varied view. And each one is revealed as ideal for the development and production of various types of high quality wines. The region of Valle de Uco, with its altitude and its foothills cold, for example, produces an excellent and balanced acidity wines. The area north of average altitude, is producer par excellence of young red wines and fruity whites.

The region of San Rafael deserves separate chapter: not only holds the designation of origin wine of San Rafael since 1993, but it is distinguished by its wonderful landscapes and an infrastructure of hosting with the best of the hospitality of Mendoza. Each of the wineries of Mendoza Province has contributed, and still It contributes to the growth and the history of the province of Mendoza. Their accomplishments fill with pride to all its inhabitants. And they are not few: the traditional Familia Zuccardi Winery, for example, premiered at the prestigious Vinexpo 2005, in France, by its product Zuccardi Zeta. The particular cut of Malbec and Tempranillo was distinguished on that occasion as one of the revelations of the fair. Terrazas de los Andes, for its part, is dedicated exclusively to the production of varietal wines.

And each variety grown in a separate terrace, thus ensuring conditions of ideal altitude for each. Winery Leoncio Arizu/Luigi Bosca, in Lujan de Cuyo, is one that more international awards has received to date. Creators of the first Latin American Malbec, have a history of almost 110 years in the production of wines of the highest quality. Most of the captive wineries in the wine route offer the possibility to stay overnight in its facilities. They joined a new trend of lodging in Mendoza, the theme hosting. A trend in Mendoza capital continue, with its Wine Rooms, hotels of category as the Diplomatic Mendoza hotel, a luxurious 5 star, and his brother lesser, Executive hotel, at the forefront among the best hotels 4 stars from Mendoza capital.


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