The Tapajs

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The people our region does not receive much resource where the majority is in the neighborhoods of Belm, but is not with a separation that if they decide the things. Government: we go to look at with other eyes for this suffered region. YES TO THE TAPAJS! 5 DARLISSON GONALVES the state of tapajs must be created for optimum development of the region west of Par, therefore the capital is very distant of the interior and all the benefits very delay to arrive in the distance due. The state where we find in them today, Par, will have to be divided in three: tapajs, Carajs and Par. Official site: relocation strategies. The Tapajs will be the greater in extension of lands, but she will be the minor in population, already Par it will be lesser in extension alone that more populous.

CREATION OF THE STATE OF THE TAPAJOS GREAT ALINE 6 OLIVEIRAS It has many years that if had to speak in a new hope that the state of tapajs, but this creation will be the solution or the creation of more problems. Creation of the state of tapajs stops in a goes to also bring many benefits and curses, even because everything has its positive and negative side. With the creation of the state of tapajs the things go to improve, therefore we go to be the tapajnico people, moreover, it goes to generate more job and income for our population and our region goes to more still grow. Only that thinking on the other hand, this creation goes to cause great ambient impacts and this is not very legal. Some pretty places that exist in the river go to disappear without speaking of the change of climate because the temperature goes to increase and the native population it goes to have that to leave its residences because of barrages and hydroelectric plants in the complex of the river Tapajs.


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