The Scenes

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The term events of success as Grandson (2001) is events that provide new types of relations between the people, new linguistic jarges, words of order, foments passions and develops habits, therefore, the event works inherent questions to the human beings and influences in the life form. However, these events do not privilege the people in what they mention to the formation human being, therefore work only the momentnea diversion and not the reflection, everything this cause an impoverishment of all the existing cultual patrimony in the world contemporary. Shows in its totality is taken as example, that ' ' they are considered m ais pyrotechnics of what properly cultural production. Chosen scenes of the actors nor always privilege the artistic content and the depth of the subject escolhido.' ' (GRANDSON, 2004, p.55), therefore it is basic to make with that the consumers obtain to form relaxed a free atmosphere image and for the event. David Kaplan has compatible beliefs. The assembly of the space, the scenes, the ecleticism, the diversity, the fusing of subjects and styles, the ineditismo, the interatividade, the tradition, the experimentation, the controversy, the techniques and the simulation are some examples of creativity elements that can influence in the attraction of the public and the consequent success of the event. Analyzing this question, already referring to the current society and the cultural industry, we observe that in the cultural event the dynamics of formation of the individual does not pass disregarded, since the individuals that frequentam the cultural events make it, generally, for free and spontaneous will as the front will be explicitado in chapter more. As a way of meeting them individuals and determined valuation of thematic, the cultural event has the paper of formador of opinion. For this fact, one notices that the events present this type of education more ' ' informal' '. According to Bueno (2009): The education must exceed the plan of the critical one to the cultural dimensions of the rationality in the society, to reach the instances of material formation of subject relation and object, of the social constitution of the citizens (pp.


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