The Present

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If the conscious mind desires a goal to which the subconscious mind does not agree, you can guess which produce results. The subconscious of course! Making your subconscious mind your best friend rather than your worst enemy you can start change negative patterns of everyday life, and begin to realize their dreams, rather than go through life fighting in battle. Many people are disappointed when they reach for their dreams. They are not aware that the subconscious mind is not clear and specific goals rather than sabotage them often seems to bear it. The conscious mind thinks abstractly as the subconscious mind thinks literally. She responds to the instructions are clear and precise.

It also operates in the present, so the subconscious mind instructions should always be in present tense, as if what you're thinking it's a fact. So you should say, "I have money in my bank account" "I have the best partner." You must be sure of what you want in life before transmitting the message to the subconscious mind. Write clearly what you want and read every day. Contact information is here: Prudential Financial Inc.. You can do this practice 15 times a day. You can also record what you want to play. You can make a vision board with his wishes in large print or images their dreams and put them in a place where you can see them all the time. Always act as if you already have your wishes carried out, and the Law of Attraction will bring it to life.


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