The Nutrients

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As he must well know V.S., we Dreams, do not possuimos a body material, capable to be touched, direction, smelled, perceived. All know that we exist, but for terms materiality, rare they are not the ones that with us dialogue, and when we obtain materializing in them, still call them Reality. Expedia CEO usually is spot on. Although such semantic fact very chateie not few of my classroom, personally this does not matter very, after all, objective of each one of us is accurately to materialize itself, or as they say, to become reality. It does not matter that name gives to the end item, in essence, is there: materialized dreams. Our greater and more capital problem are in the such materialization, therefore we need physical components so that this happens, nothing very different of a seed, that it needs the nutrients of the ground to grow and soon to become a leafy tree. The difference is that the seed has a root, physics, that starts the process all, fincando in the hard soil its hand-vises in search of the precious ore that will give the necessary substance to it. We, without roots and an initial substance, have that turning in them, transforming the incorporeal one into substance.

Although several already have been the methods studied throughout our existence, none another one cheated success in taken over on a contract basis its. But the good and old method practised for our ancestral ones, before exactly of the invention of the writing, passed of father for son for the habit. It is treated to go walking until finding a mud puddle, playing themselves of head – to dive exactly -, and to follow a good sun bath – what can come folloied of a estilizado hairdo? that it will allow in them to dry, gaining life, materiality, process physical that them does not have to cause queerness, seen the also not very different origin of the man.


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