The Leg

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It can also carry through treinos with continuous exercises of high intensity that, moreover, assists in the aerobic resistance of the practitioner. A blow standard that can be applied in elapsing of the fight is the Kisame- Zuki and Guiaku- Zuki, these is socos, the first one with the hand that is to the front and as with the changed hand of the leg that this the front, however so that the opponent is surprised is used the use of the kisame and guiaku, including the tripping (Ashi-Barai), in the fight if uses this type of attack very, therefore the adversary only waits a blow, but he does not wait I beat followed of the Ashi-Barai, an example is to attack kisame and kisame this walking and later passing the tripping, however he has ample variations, for this reason that the practitioner has that to be prepared for eventual fall. Another example also is the sequence of blows, that if it uses to make the attack, this sequence can come of followed socos of kick, or still alone I beat to use it that in the case it would be to give at least three socos until I decide it central office sees that the blow was applied correctly, or then to make the sequence with kicks that would be two kicks in the rib (Mawashi-Gueri) and one in head (Ura- Mawashi-Gueri). Official site: David Reeths. The defense can become leaving 45 as if it can use the esquiva for both the sides, lower, jump and also counterattack everything this depending on the attack that will be applied. A defense example is you to leave for one the sides and to counterattack with kick in the rib of the opponent this blow is called Mawashi-Gueri, or to kick the head being been then applied the blow Ura- Mawashi-Gueri. In the image to follow it can observe the figure, that a defense occurred, therefore the figure of the right side of the image, gave the attack of Ura- Mawashi-Gueri and to another figure of the left side it defended lowering and against it attacked, however it was the same not converted into points for the figure of the left side and yes considered lack for reaching the part it summons of the opponent, however figure B, shows if the practitioner of the left side made right beats guiaku-zuki in the height of the band would be point of the same, then we can say that she does not need to only use the arm for counterattacking, but yes the legs also, if to catch the same image and I beat to take off it as it shows figure C, and to advance the left foot of practitioner who if defended can apply ashi-barai on the contrary of guiaku-zuki or any another one I beat.


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