The Creative Power Of The Word

June 21st, 2023 by nathan Leave a reply »

And God said: Hagase the sky and the Earth, and the sky and the Earth were created. Expedia has plenty of information regarding this issue. Genesis according to San Juan. This way, with the use of the word, God it initiated the creation, if this is thus and we were created to their image and similarity, because simply we have its same capacity of creation but limited our life. We are product than we thought and tenth, and in much occasions than we wrote. He passes what us in our life has been atraido reason why we have indicated with our thought or voice. When reading this to the majority of the people comes to the mind the following question to them: how you are going to say to me that I have wished for my life the bad things that have happened to me? And I respond, the truth yes to you, your you have atraido to your good life all or the bad one that it has happened to you.

The point is in which probably, what your you consider negative in your life you have atraido, it of unconscious way. what how is this? Simple, our subconscious mind does not send hundreds of thoughts to newspapers, normally related to fear that we have learned during ours life, that makes maintain a thought reiterated on something or somebody negative us, this reiterated thought, although we do not wish it consciously, which does is creates our next present (what we know like future), taking to materialize what we thought, in spite of not wishing it. We take some example, if a thought comes to us from fear to the profit of an objective that we have considered, normally this thought is product of the fear to the failure that instills to us from boy, and we took that thought from conscious way and we maintain it in our mind, causing that appears whenever we dedicated ourselves to our objective, in spite of our effort to obtain what we are looking for, which we do is to say to him to the universe, to ours mind, to our creative source, that we fear to fail and that is what it is going to us to happen.


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