The Concept

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The concept of sustainable development was created on the basis of the insustentabilidade in the way of capitalist production. Of this form, it becomes necessary to know the concept in production way, characteristics in the way of capitalist production stops later adentrarmos in the theory of the complex systems. 3.1. PRODUCTION WAY: The marxist vision on this process takes in initial consideration the economic factor, more specifically the production. According to Marx, the base of a society is the production way.

Before any thing the necessary man if to feed and this to happen it needs to produce. The relation is understood for production way that the man establishes with the nature in which it removes it transforms the resources offered for it in order to take care of its necessities, as well as of all a society. Thus, the production way considers two important relations: man and nature, called of productive forces and the relations that are established between the men inside of the productive process, called of social relations of production. , The more in such a way harmonic they will be these relations, stronger will be the production way. Greater will be the economic growth what it will promote the development of this society. One understands for productive forces all the forces that a society makes use to remove the resources of the nature and to transform them in order to take care of its necessities. These forces are divided in: ) the object of work, what the man removes of the nature; b) half of work, everything what the man places between it and the object of work in order to remove this object of the nature and to transform it. The instruments auxiliary, such are the work instruments more as: roads, energy, building and etc.; c) Force of work, that is the proper man in action.


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